Threads gains tags, but they’re nothing like the tags you’re used to

There are now more social networks out there than ever before and some of them are actually rather good, including Threads. The Meta-owned social network continues to grow with new features being added all the time. Now, the Instagram-linked social network has gained new support for tags but they’re very different from the hashtags that you’re familiar with on Instagram itself.

Tags have long been used in posts on special networks like Twitter and the aforementioned Instagram as a way for people to link multiple posts together. If you tag a post with #cats, that post will then show up in all searches for that tag, creating something of a saved search scenario. It’s great for discoverability, and now Threads has tags of its own.

Threads gains tags, but they're nothing like the tags you're used to 02


But where Threads differs from the norm is the way tags actually work. For starters, they don’t have anything before them which means that the ugly hashtag has been removed entirely. Instagram’s Adam Mosseri detailed how the new feature works, saying that people can choose any word to be a tag, and that tag can have special characters inside it. They can even have spaces, making for an easier reading experience.

Tapping a tag inside a post automatically opens other posts with that same tag, making it easier for people to dive into related posts for further research or just plain old fun. Who doesn’t like looking at photos of cats, anyway?

The new feature is rolling out now and it comes just in time for Threads to finally come to countries in the European Union later this month after previously being unavailable in that region.

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