we expect ‘tremendous momentum’ for AI PCs in 2025

AMD’s Chief Financial Officer Jean Hu has said that the AI PC will drive consumer sales in 2025, but we won’t see the fruits of AI PC labor in 2024 as much as we will in the year after.

AMD on the AI PC market: we expect 'tremendous momentum' for AI PCs in 2025 975


The AMD CFO was questioned during the Barclays Global Technology Conference, where she was asked about the future of PC markets and the upcoming trend of the “AI PC” and how much of an influence AI PCs will have in boosting sales. Hu said that the PC industry is moving towards recovery in the post-pandemic world, with revenue forecasts and consumer demand to increase in 2024-2025.

AMD CFO Jean Hu said during the Barclay Global Technology Conference: “Going forward, you will see the typical seasonality in Q1 and then, you know, next year, based on industry and it’s economic-sensitive sector, too. So, we don’t know what the macroeconomic situation will be. But in the end, the PC market is stabilized“.

Hu continued: “That’s the good news. I will say, as we announced yesterday, it’s exciting in the long run with AIPC, because, eventually, a lot of AI work needed to be done at the device level. You cannot do everything at — in the cloud. I think, probably not 2024, but definitely 2025, we’ll see tremendous momentum from AIPC. That will help the replacement cycle“.

Hu added: “We have the AIPC. AMD actually was the first to include the AI engine in the PC with the Ryzen 7000 series. We actually already shipped millions of units and we announced next generation product, which will include the AI engine. The thing about us is we think about the portfolio, we think about end-to-end AI, and we have a strong portfolio to provide the whole solutions from PC side to the data center side“.

AMD on the AI PC market: we expect 'tremendous momentum' for AI PCs in 2025 606

AMD launched its Ryzen AI platform earlier this year, and now we have the new Ryzen 8040 “Hawk Point” APUs featuring XDNA 1 engines for generative AI, with the next-gen “Strix Point” APUs arriving in 2024 with 3x the generative AI performance of Hawk Point with its new XDNA 2 engines.

Intel will have its Meteor Lake platform soon, which will also have AI on-board, with the company to announce Meteor Lake during its “AI Everywhere” event on December 14… just hours away now.

AI PCs are coming, whether we like it or not… now we just need to find out what an AI PC will be doing for us.

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