Will Smith confirms he’s returning for a ‘I Am Legend’ sequel

Will Smith will be returning to the role of Robert Neville for the upcoming sequel of I Am Legend released in 2007. The sequel will be using the mythology of the DVD release where Smith’s character survived and not the cinema release where he died.

Will Smith confirms he's returning for a 'I Am Legend' sequel 165


Smith revealed he is returning to the role at the Red Sea International Film Festival in Saudi Arabia, where he teased that he was scheduled to be on a call the following day with Michael B. Jordan, who he later confirmed was in the film. Smith didn’t reveal any details about the movie but explained that the sequel will be continuing on from the DVD version of the film, which featured an alternative ending where Robert Neville wasn’t killed.

But for the DVD, there was an alternate version of the ending of the movie where my character lived,” he said. “We are going with the mythology of the DVD version.” Adding, “I can’t tell you anything more, but Michael B. Jordan is in and we’re doing it“. Notably, Smith previously hadn’t expressed interest in a sequel to I Am Legend, but with input from Michael B. Jordan, a new idea was proposed that piqued his interest.

The idea came up. I can’t talk about it yet. But it’s a really, really cool concept, and he was a part of creating the idea,” Smith said. “So it was one of those ones I was gonna leave alone, and then I heard the idea. I was like, ‘That might work. I think we can do that.’

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