Your iPhone’s next software update is almost ready, but it isn’t the one you’re expecting

Apple has been testing the next big version of its iPhone software, iOS 17.2, for weeks now. Both developers and those who are on the public beta program have been able to put it through its paces and it’s sure to be released to the public before Christmas. But you won’t have to wait that long to get a new software update for your phone. In fact, you will only have to wait a matter of days according to a new report. However, it won’t be iOS 17.2 that you receive.

That’s according to MacRumors which says that there is mounting evidence that iOS 17.1.2 will be released to the public before the end of this week. The news outlet says that the software version has started to appear in its website analytics more and more over the last few days. That means that more people inside Apple are testing it which suggests that Apple is ramping up plans to roll it out to everyone.

Your iPhone's next software update is almost ready, but it isn't the one you're expecting 01


The new update, which is unlikely to bring with it any new features unlike iOS 17.2, is set to focus on bug fixes. That wouldn’t normally be all that exciting but there are a couple of bugs that have been particularly problematic to those who have suffered with them. For those people, fixing those bugs could be a game changer.

One example of the bug is one that causes some Wi-Fi connection issues with some iPhones either unable to connect or repeatedly dropping the connection, seemingly at random. It’s thought that the iOS 17.1.2 release will indeed fix that, although there are no public reports as to whether that is the case.

However, iOS 17.2 is sure to be a much more interesting update for more people. It’s set to include new features like Apple’s Journal app which was announced as part of the iOS 17 unveiling in June. There will also be support for recording spatial video on the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, ready for the Vision Pro headset. Other improvements include support for iMessage Contact Key Verification and tweaks to allow Apple Music playlists to be collaborative.

As MacRumors notes, the iOS 16.1.2 update was also a bug fix release and that arrived the week after Thanksgiving in the United States last year, so it’s possible we could see the same with iOS 17.1.2 this year. That would then open the door for Apple to get iOS 17.2 into the hands of the public before Apple closes its door for the Christmas holiday season.

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