Directory Traversal In PHP

Directory traversal is a method of exploiting web applications by accessing files beyond the document root directory that allows attackers to view restricted files and interact with the web server by executing commands.

This attack occurs through a browser and is accomplished by the hacker entering a URL into the address bar which takes him out of the root directory and into the main server directories; this generally takes some guesswork on the part of the hacker, but can actually be done quite easily.

The attack can also be done through input portals on the front end of the web application. It is also known as dot dot slash attack, the climbing attack, and the backtracking attack.

Once inside the server’s system folders and files, the attacker has access to all sorts of information and sensitive data including application source code and critical system files. The hacker may even delete or add files and play havoc with the server’s setup.

To prevent from this attack you should validate and sanitize all user input correctly by removing all suspect data and filtering out meta-characters.

Prevention from this hacking is to never store sensitive configuration files inside the web root. If a suspect request to a file is made, the full file-path should be built up and all the characters in the path should be normalized (e.g. change %20 to spaces).

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