First PHP script

First PHP script Every language has it… First PHP script the basic “Hello, World!” script. It is a simple script that only displays the words“Hello, World!”. Over the years this has become the traditional phrase to use when writing your first program.
According to Wikipedia, it’s mainstream usage spawned from an internal memorandum in 1974 that became incorporated into the book The C Programming Language. It’s actual first known usage was inKernighan’s 1972 A Tutorial Introduction to the Language B. From this it has grown into somewhat of a tradition in the programming world.
So how do I do it in PHP? Well the two simplest ways are using Print or Echo.
echo (“val”);
	echo "<h1>Welcome to Ebiz Education!</h1>"
Here, as we read that HTML Embeds in the php code,that’s why <h1>and </h1> is used here in the php script.echo() is not actually a function (it is a language construct) so you are not required to use parentheses with it ( whereas print is a function,it returns a value, it does not take multiple parameters). If you’re running Apache, create a folder named test within the htdocs directory and save the file as hello.php in the test directory.
Now, open the page in the browser to see the output:
if your apache installation is working fine, you should have the following output:
1) Write a PHP script to display following eBIZ Education Team Welcomes You PHP Rocks

2) Write a PHP script to print your Name, Age and Address

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