Pre-requisite In PHP

If you choose PHP as your development language, what you need to get started depends on:
• Sound knowledge of HTML. *
• Working knowledge of JavaScript(optional, but strongly recommended) **
• Sound Knowledge of SQL and knowledge of any RDBMS software (MySQL recommended)***
• Access to a web server that have Apache, MySQL and PHP configured on it


Apache + MySQL + PHP installed on your machine.

• Any Text editor(for beginner level) or WYSIWYG editor (for advanced scripting).
• phpMyAdmin or any other MySQL administration tool installed.
PHP is as dependent on HTML as any language that generates web pages. If you don’t know HTML PHPwon’t do you much good as you will have difficulty displaying the results of your PHP processing since for all practical purposes the purpose of PHP is to generate HTML.
If you don’t have access to a web server, that’s not going to create a problem, you can configure Apache+ MySQL + PHP on your windows machine as demonstrated in chapter 1.2(or use any of it’s bundled alternative listed in chapter 1.3).
Develop your web site on Windows and when you are done with development make it live on any Linux based host (believe me almost 80-90% companies are developing LAMP solutions work this way).
* Please refer to our XHTML tutorial for HTML.
** Please refer to our JavaScript tutorial for more information on JavaScript
*** Please go through our MySQL tutorial for in-depth information on MySQL.
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