Recording a Test Case

In the recording mode, QTP captures all the operations performed on the GUI. You need to work with the application in the usual way and record all the actions. While recording a Test case, QTP captures all the images of various actions. It then generates the test script for the actions performed in VBScriptlanguage.
There are three modes of recording a test case:
  • Normal recording mode: Default mode of recording.
  • Analog recording mode: this mode is used when exact mouse positions or keystrokes play an important role in recording.
  • Low level recording mode: This mode of recording enables you to record on the objects even if Quick test professional fails to identify the object.
This section describes how to record the process of making a reservation for a flight.
  1. Start Quick test and open a new test
  2. Start recording on the mercury tour website.
    Choose TEST>RECORD or click the RECORD button.
  3. 3. Login to mercury tours web site. In the user name and password boxes, type user name and password you registered with mercury tools. Click sign in
    The flight finder page opens.
  4. Enter flight details.
  5. Select a flight
    Click CONTINUE to accept the default flight selections. The book a flight page opens.
  6. Enter required passenger and purchase information.
  7. Review and complete your booking.
  8. Stop recording.
  9. Save your test
    Select FILE>SAVE or click SAVE button.
Running Tests
  1. Quick Test and open the recording test.
  2. Confirm that all images are saved to the test results.
  3. Start running your test.
    Click Run or choose Test>Run. The run dialog box opens. Select new run results folder. Click Ok to close the run dialog box.
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