Test Director Overview

Test Director Now a day’s very organization is giving a lot of importance to process oriented software development. To deliver quality software, the testing process has to be very well defined and managed. Mercury’s Test Director is an excellent tool for managing the testing process effectively. As it is a web based tool, it is very easy to use. Also, even if the development team and testing team are located at different places, the testing process can be managed effectively. The important features of Test Director are listed below:
  • It is a web based tool and hence it facilitates distributing testing.
  • As testing the software is linked to the requirements of the software, it provides the feature of linking the software requirements to the testing plan.
  • It provides the features to document the testing procedures.
  • It provides the feature of scheduling the manual and automated test- the testing can be done during nighttimes or when the system load is less.
  • It provides the feature of setting groups of machines to carry out testing.
  • It keeps a history of all the test runs.
  • The audit trail feature allows keeping track of changes in the tests and test run.
  • It keeps a log of all defects found and the status of each bug can be changed by authorized person only.
  • It provides feature of creating different users with different privileges.
  • It generates test reports and analysis for the QA manager to decide when the software can be released in to the market.
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