Managing the Testing process using Test Director

Managing the Testing process using Test Director
In this section we will study how to use test director to manage the entire testing process. We will study how to manage and control various phases of software testing process. We will discuss the three phases:
  • Planning the tests: In this phase, we specify the testing goals, define what has to be tested, define the tests and define the detailed step by step procedure for each test.
  • Running the test: In this phase, we will run or execute the test as planned in earlier phase.
  • Tracking the defects: in this phase, we will analyze the test results, identify the defects and study the cause of defects.
Creating a new project
You can create a new project using the “project administrator” utility for retrieving and storing the information related to your tests. To create new project, follow the following steps below:
  1. Open the “project administrator” utility.
    Enter login name and password, then click OK button to login.
  2. Create a new project
  3. On selecting the new project option, a dialog box is displayed which prompts you to enter the name of project. Enter the project name, select the location and select the Database type.
Click the “create” button to create the new project with the specified details. Once the project is successfully created, it displays the message “create new project finished successfully”. Click the OKbutton.
Creating test plan
We will now create a test plan and store their corresponding results.
    1. Open Test Director
      Start>programs> test director>test director
    2. This will open a dialog box. Select the required project from the project combo box. Enter the user name as admin. If you login in as admin, there is no need of password. Click Ok button to login.
    3. When you will click ok button, the initial screen of test director will open. Select the plan test tab.
    4. Creating the user.
      To create the users and to assign the privileges to each user, follow the steps:

      1. Open the administration window.
        Administration>set up users.
      2. When you select this option, a dialog box opens. Select the users tab in it. By default two users are created: “admin” and “guest” with privileges. To create new users click on the “new user” button.
      3. When you click on the “new” button, it displays the dialog box prompting you to enter the login (username), full name and the password.
      4. Enter the login, full name and password. Click ok button to add the new user to the user list in the set up users.
      5. To assign privileges to new user i.e. john:
        • From the user table, select the user “john”.
        • By default the user will be listed with viewer privilege.
        • Select the “viewer” from the “member of” list and click the arrow button to remove the default privilege.
        • Select the “project manager” from “not member of” list and click the back arrow button to assign the “project manager” privilege to the user “john”.

          Click the close button to close the “set up users” window. The user is now assigned “project manager” privilege.

    5. Creating the test plan.
      • Select the “plan tests” tab from the “test director” window.
      • Add the subject folders to the tree. To create a folder, click the “new” button in the “folder” group box of test director window.
      • On click the new button, the dialog box is displayed prompting you to enter the folder name. Enter the name of the folder and click ok button.
    6. When you will click on OK button, the subject will be added to the tree structure.
    7. Create the test plan for the subject defined in the tree structure.
      1. Select the “plan tests” tab.
      2. Select the test from the tree.
      3. Click the new button from the test group box to create the new test.
    8. When you click on new buttoncreate new test dialog box appears. Select the test type. Click OKbutton to add the test to the tree hierarchy.
    9. Select the details tab and enter the description of the test case.
    10. Select the design steps tab to define the steps of the test case. Click the new button. It opens a design step editor window. Insert a new record into the database. Enter the description and the expected results.
    11. Insert all the steps required to insert a record into the application. For example, we are using employer details as the application.
    12. Test script generation.
      • Select the test script tab.
      • Click the launch button to open Win Runner.
      • Open the application.
      • Start recording.
        1. Select the record- context sensitive mode from the create menu.
        2. elect new from file menu to insert a new record into database.
        3. Enter the employer name, salary and designations field.
        4. Click Add button to insert the record.
        5. Stop recording.
        6. Save the test script and close the test script window.
      • The test script file, just created/ recorded in Win Runner will be loaded in to the view window.
    13. Analyze the test plan by generating a report.
    14. On selecting the standard option, the new dialog box opens. Select the design steps and portrait option and click the ok button. A report of selected details will be displayed in selected format.
    15. Create the test plans for update and delete operations in the database.

      Steps for updating a record:

      • Run the employer Db application.
      • Open the existing record by clicking the open option in file menu.
      • Select the Employer by no. option.
      • Enter the employer no.
      • Click OK to display the retrieved record.
      • Make the required changes.
      • Click the modify button to update the changes.

Steps for deleting a record:

    • Run the employer Db application.
    • Open the existing record by clicking the open option in file menu.
    • Select the Employer by no. option.
    • Enter the employer no.
    • Click OK to display the retrieved record
    • Click “delete” button to delete the record.
    • S confirmation message is displayed.
    • Click yes to delete the record.
  1. Select “standard” from report menu and select the “complete information” button to view the complete details of the test plans. Click OK button to see the results.
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