About win runner

Win runner Mercury interactive win runner is a testing tool to do functionalregression testing. Using win runner, you can record GUI operations. While recording, win runner automatically creates a test script. This test script can be run automatically later on for carrying out unattended testing. 
The Important aspects of win runner are:
  • You can do functionalregression testing of a variety of application software written in programming languages such as powerbuildervisual basicCC++ and java.
  • You can do testing in different windows operating systems and different browser environment.
  • You can record GUI operations in the record mode. Win runner automatically creates a test script. This test can be modified and can be executed later on in unattended mode.
  • You can add checkpoints to compare actual and expected results. The checkpoints can be GUI checkpointsBitmap checkpoints and synchronization checkpoints.
  • Data driver wizard provides the facility to convert a record test into a data driven test. So, you can replace data with variables within a test script.
  • The virtual object wizard of win runner is used to teach win runner to recognize, record and replay custom objects.
  • The reporting tools provide facility to generate automatically the test reports and analyze the defects.
  • Win runner can be integrated with the testing management tools to automate many activities in the testing process.
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