Adding GUI objects to the GUI Map

If you’re application contains some new objects, you can add them to the GUI map without running the rapid test script wizard again. You simply use the learn button in the GUI map editor to learn descriptions of the objects. You can learn the description of a single object or all the objects in a window.
  1. Open the flight reservation login window.
  2. Open the GUI map
    In win runner, choose TOOLS>GUI MAP EDITOR.
  3. Learn all the objects in the login window.
    Click the LEARN button. Use the pointer to click the objects in login window. A message appears to learn all the objects in the window. Click yes. Win runner a description of each object in the login window.
  4. Save the new objects in the GUI map.
    Choose TOOLS>GUI MAP EDITOR. Choose VIEW>GUI FILES. Choose FILE>SAVE. Click yes or ok to add the new objects or new window to your GUI map.
  5. Close the login window.
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