Bitmap checkpoint

Bitmap checkpoint If your application contains Bitmap checkpoint areas, such as Bitmap checkpoint drawings of graphs you can check these areas using a bitmap checkpoint. A bitmap checkpoint compares captured bitmap images pixel by pixel. Win runner captures a bitmap image and saves it as expected results. When you run the test, win runner compares the expected and actual values. If any differences are detected, you can view a picture of the differences from the test result.
Adding Bitmap checkpoint to a test script:
  1. Start win runner and open a new test
    Choose PROGRAMS>WIN RUNNER on Start menu. Click NEW TEST button.
  2. Start the flight reservation application and log in.
    Choose PROGRAMS>WIN RUNNER>SAMPLE APPLICATION>FLIGHT 1A on the start menu. Then write your name and password in login window and click OK button.
  3. Start recording in context sensitive mode.
    Choose CREATE>RECORDING or click Record button
  4. Open order
    In the flight reservation application, choose FILE>OPEN ORDER. In open order dialog box, select the order no. Click OK to open the order.
  5. Open the fax order dialog box.
    Choose FILE>FAX ORDER.
  6. Enter a 10- digit fax number in the fax number box.
  7. Switch to analog mode of recording.
    Press F2 on your keyboard or click record button.
  8. Sign your name in the agent signature box.
  9. Switch back to context sensitive mode.
    Press F2 on your keyboard or click record button.
  10. Insert a bitmap checkpoint that checks your signature.
  11. Click the cancel button on the fax order dialog box.
  12. Stop recording.
    Choose CREATE>STOP RECORDING or click the STOP button.
  13. Save the test
    Choose FILE>SAVE or click SAVE button
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