Recording Test Case

Recording Test Case
To test any application, you can run the application and understand its operation. Then you can invoke win runner, again run the application and record the GUI operations. During the recording mode, win runner will capture all the actions, which button you pressed, where you clicked the mouse etc. You need to work with the application as usual and perform all the actions to be tested. Once the recording is completed, win runner generates a script in TSL. You can run this test script to view the results of the test cases.
There are two modes of testing:
  1. Context sensitive
    Context sensitive mode records your operations in terms of the GUI objects in your application. Win runner identifies each object you click, and the type of operation you perform. For example, if you record a mouse click on the OK button in the flight reservation login window, win runner records the following TSL:
    button_press (“OK”)
    When you run the script, win runner reads the command, looks for the OK button and presses it.
  2. Analog
    In analog mode, Win runner records the exact coordinates traveled by mouse, as well as mouse clicks the keyboard input.
Recording in context sensitive mode
  1. Start win runner
  2. Open a new test
    Click on NEW TEST button when win runner gets open.
  3. Start the flight reservation application and log in.
    Choose PROGRAMS> WIN RUNNER> SAMPLE APPLICATION> FLIGHT 1A on the start menu. In the login window type your name and password and click OK button.
  4. Start recording in context sensitive mode.
    Choose CREATE> RECORD- CONTEXT SENSITIVE or click RECORD button on toolbar.
  5. Open order #2
    In flight reservation application, choose FILE>OPEN ORDER. In the open order dialog box, select ORDER NO. check box. Type 2 in the box and click OK button.
  6. Stop recording
    Choose CREATE>STOP RECORDING or click STOP button on toolbar of win runner.
  7. Save the test
    Choose FILE>SAVE or click SAVE button on toolbar.
Recording in Analog mode
  1. Start recording in context sensitive mode.
    Choose CREATE>RECORD-CONTEXT SENSITIVE or click the RECORD button on the toolbar.
  2. Open the fax order form and fill in the fax number.
    In the flight reservation application, choose FILE>FAX ORDER and type fax no.
  3. Select the send signature with order check box.
  4. Sign the fax in Analog mode.
    Press F2 on your keyboard or click the RECORD button to switch analog mode and sign your name in agent signature box.
  5. Switch back to context sensitive mode and send the fax.
    Press F2 or click on record button again.
  6. Stop recording.
    Choose CREATE>STOP RECORDING or click the STOP button.
  7. Save the test
    Choose FILE>SAVE or click SAVE button.
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