Why test failed?

Rapid test wizard does not provide statements in the test script for closing the windows. In the preceding example, win runner opened ‘about calculator’ dialog and without closing the ‘about calculator’ dialog, it is trying to set focus to the ‘calculator’ window and as a result test fails.
To overcome this, manually you need to close the previous window before trying to open the next window. To close the ‘about calculator’ window before setting the focus on to calculator, insert the following statement:
Win_close(“About calculator”);
While learning the windows, win runner stores the images of the windows internally and creates a checkpoint for each image automatically. When the user runs the test script, if any of the window does not matched the captured image, it will give mismatch error.
Consider the ‘About calculator’ dialog box. In this dialog box the system resources may vary. While learning this window, the “system resources” was 71%, but while running, if this value changes, then win runner will find mismatch. So see whether the value of “system resources” is 71% or not. Then run the test script. It will show the result.
Program tests with TSL
When you record a test, win runner generates TSL statements in a test script each time you click a GUI object or type on the keyboard. In addition to the recorded TSL functions, TSL includes any other built in functions which can increase the power and flexibility of your tests. You can quickly add these functions to a test script using win runner’s visual programming tool, the function generator. The functional generator enables you to add TSL functions in two ways:
  • You can point to a GUI object and let win runner suggest an appropriate function. You can then insert this function in to the test script.
  • You can select functions from a list. Functions appear by category and alphabetically.
You can further enhance your test scripts by adding logic. Type programming elements such as conditional statementsloops and arithmetic operators directly into the test window.
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