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What are the Security issues in Bluetooth Technology?

Many serious problems create only due to improper security issues. Some of them are given below:

• Blue jacking

• Blue bugging

• Car Whisperer

Blue Jacking

It is used to send a business card in the form of text message via Bluetooth to other users. It should be noted that the distance between two users is not more than 10 meters. If the user doesn’t found the proper text, he should add the contact to his phone book.

After saving his contact in his address book retry to send the same message. In this way the user can get business card from other user via Bluetooth. It’s all because of the known destination from where the massage is being coming.

Blue Bugging

Due to this hackers can access user’s phone.


It not only access one’s mobile phone, but also use its features including placing call, messaging. Even though the user doesn’t realize it’s happening.

Car Whisperer

Car whisper is a type of software due to which hackers can send and receive audio file from a Bluetooth-enabled car stereo.

car whisper