Creating Empty Web Application

To create your first Visual Studio Application, follow these steps

1. Choose File Tab.
2. Click on New.
3. Select ASP.NET Empty Web Site.
4. Choose the Location.
5. Then click OK button.
Fig 2.


In the above figure you will see that the New Web Site Dialog box is divided into two parts.

On the left side it consist of four options Recent, Installed, Templates and Online. In Templates different languages are appeared inbuilt where you can choose the language in which you want to write your code.

On the Right side at the top of the window you can see the different versions of .NET from where you can choose the version which you want to use. Here we will pick .NET Framework 4.5.

In the middle of the window you will see the list of website templates from where you can choose the type of Application that you want to create .Here we will choose the ASP.NET Empty Web Site as it is one of the best option to start with.

Here is the overview of different Types of Website Templates present in Visual Studio:

1. ASP.NET Web Forms Site:
This template creates a full-featured ASP.NET website, with its basic infrastructure. This website includes a master page that defines the overall layout (with a header, footer and menu bar) and two web pages named as default.aspx and about.aspx.

2. ASP.NET Web site (Razor):
This template creates a website that uses the ASP.NET Model-View-Controller (MVC) approach. The ASP.NET MVC model offers some benefits like it gives developers more control over the way HTML is generated and it creates websites that are far easier to use with automated testing tools.

3. ASP.NET Empty Web Site:
This template creates an empty website that includes a stripped-down web.config configuration file in it . This is the best template to use to learn about ASP.NET.

4. ASP.NET Dynamic Data Entities Web Site:
This template creates an ASP.NET website that uses the ASP.NET Dynamic Data features.

5. WCF Service:
This template creates a WCF service-a library of server-side methods that remote clients.

6. ASP.NET Reports Web Site:
This template creates an ASP.NET website that uses the ReportView control and SQL server Reporting Services (a tool for generating database reports that can be viewed and managed over the web).

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