Is semi colon needed to end the statement in JavaScript?

Putting semi color at the end of the statement is optional, if you want you can place else you can leave. Putting semi color at end of the statement depends on the user’s choice.
HTML coders are not programmer but using JavaScript an html operator can do programming in a very simple way because JavaScript is very simple and easy to learn and understand. JavaScript is capable of making a static page as dynamic page, where the programmer can put variables. JavaScript has the ability to sense the events like mouse click, movement, keyboarding events etc. We can use HTML in JavaScript i.e. JavaScript can understand HTML. The JavaScript program hence decreasing the unnecessary traffic on lines and useless processing at server end can validate the data fed by the user at client end.
HTML, JavaScript are integrated with browser & this integration enables the programmer to add dynamic interaction to the text, picture, information on the web page. JavaScript is case sensitive language i.e.; state is different from State or STATE (these are three different words for JavaScript). JavaScript is capable of sensing the events like mousing clicking, mousing moving etc. JavaScript filesare directly executed when user double clicks on them or opens them in Browser.
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