4 dead after tourist boat sinks near Galapagos Islands

Four people have died and two are missing after a tourist boat sunk near the Galápagos Islands on Sunday night, Santa Cruz officials confirmed to ABC News.

Officials said that 31 passengers were rescued and two are still missing.

An American-Israeli citizen, a Colombian and an Ecuadorian are among the dead, according to Santa Cruz officials.

The boat sunk close to Tortuga Bay and was traveling between Isla Isabella and Santa Cruz, officials said.

People gather at the port of Puerto Ayora in Santa Cruz Island, in the Galapagos Islands, after a boat with tourists sank in the archipelago located 1,000 km off the coast of Ecuador in the Pacific Ocean, on September 25, 2022.

Carlos Villalba/AFP via Getty Images

The boat’s three engines reportedly stopped working after running out of fuel, according to officials.

More than two dozen rescue personnel from Ecuador and the Galápagos National Park are searching for the two missing passengers, officials said.

Ecuador’s Galápagos Islands is an archipelago in the Pacific Ocean and includes Santa Cruz Island.

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