<xsl:copy use-attribute-sets=”name-list” >


The xsl:copy element copies the current node in the source document to the output. The copy has the same name, namespace, and type as the original node, but any attributes, children, and other descendants are not copied. (Note that you can apply this element recursively to copy attributes and children.)
The xsl:copy-of element can be used to copy a node set. Children are copied with this element.
A common use of this element is to make identity transformations.
The optional use-attribute-sets attribute is a white-space delimited list of attribute sets that are to be applied to the generated node. This is essentially a list of qnames. A qname is a qualified name that is composed of an optional namespace prefix, a colon, which is only present if there is a prefix, and a mandatory XML name (for example, xsl:zipcode or zipcode). The use-attribute-sets attribute performs the same purpose as the xsl:attribute element.
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